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    The time of disorganised, random meetings is just so over. Every single day, hours of company time and employee capacity are […] The post Plan the perfect meeting with the… [...]

    Feedback is one of those icky subjects. At Think Productive, we’ve been on a mission recently to drive up our own […] The post We Need to Talk appeared first… [...]

    11 reasons why delegating is a win-win.

    Do you find delegation tricky? When it comes to delegating more, do you find yourself using excuses like these? All valid […] The post 11 reasons why delegating is a… [...]

    Productivity Apps Gallery

    Technology is a fast-paced industry and the list of apps which exist to help you improve your productivity is ever-growing. That’s […] The post Productivity Apps Gallery appeared first on… [...]

    You know how these posts are supposed to go. It’s usually something like “get up at 5am, drink a lemon water, […] The post A day in the life of… [...]

    What I learnt during my Project Management Workshop

    Since joining Think Productive a month ago today (happy anniversary TP!), I’ve had the pleasure of attending lots of our workshops. […] The post What I learnt during my Project… [...]

    FIRST SEEN ON GRAHAM ALLCOTT’S WEEKLY NEWSLETTER ‘REV UP FOR THE WEEK’. “If you understood everything I’ve said, you’d be me” – Miles […] The post You are so weird (and it’s… [...]

    You’re busy. You have a million and one things on your plate and the list never ends. You’re wondering how you’re […] The post Time Management Training for Busy People… [...]

    Why We Champion the 4 Day Week

    When I tell people we’ve had a 4 Day Week since 2011, I think it’s fair to say most people are […] The post Why We Champion the 4 Day… [...]

    Why Investing in Mental Health Training for Your Team is Important

    Why is Mental Health Training Important? It’s a well-known fact that organisations must have first aiders, at least one per floor […] The post Why Investing in Mental Health Training… [...]

    Make your comms POPP!

    To create great comms you need to be able to identify the right comms channel for your message to land correctly, […] The post Make your comms POPP! appeared first… [...]

    Creating a CALM tone for your comms

    In a recent study, it was highlighted that ‘good comms between leadership & employees’ was the second highest factor in building […] The post Creating a CALM tone for your… [...]

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