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    Willy Wonka built a land of pure imagination and so do you. Decisions are shaped by imagination. Evan a logical list of pros and cons is based on imagined eventualities.… [...]

    Even optimists know sunny skies grow dark quickly. Plans derail. Teams implode. Results disappoint. Talent moves on. Mistakes escalate. Crisis erupts. Skillful leaders turn challenges into opportunities. Here are the… [...]

    Today is the saddest day of the year. March Madness is over. Athletes who practice the fundamentals. bowling it's getting spares, not strikes. In basketball it's boxing out to get… [...]

    “Momma always said, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’” Forest Gump I think momma means stupid is defined by actions. There's a good stupid and a bad stupid. Here's how to… [...]

    I wonder if SMART goals are dumb when working to change your life. Goal setting requires history. What if you lack experience? Life changes in iterations, not giant leaps. SMART… [...]

    Imagine energy is an ax. You get 100 energy swings a day. Culture building happens while you work. That's why culture building doesn't require much energy. PS - Special culture… [...]

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