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    Sometimes the voice in your head whispers, “It’s not worth it.” Sometimes that voice is right. Sometimes it’s time to build hope. Nietzsche said, “Hope in reality is the worst… [...]

    Everything feels urgent to a person without priorities. You master life when you master time management. When everything is a priority, you run around with your hair on fire. The… [...]

    Meetings are dead ends when talking creates the illusion of action. 5 simple ways to improve meetings: #1. Determine purpose. Cancel the meeting when you don’t know why you’re meeting.… [...]

    Generosity, joy, and kindness seem easier during Christmas. If we could flush commercialism it would truly be the most wonderful time of the year. Two things offend Christmas, artificial trees… [...]

    Some of my childhood aspirations come true. And some childhood aspirations drifted into oblivion. I’m delighted I grew up on a farm, but milking cows cured me of any desire… [...]

    Worry isn’t just in your head. You feel worry in your body. Some have stomach issues, others neck and shoulder pain. Chronic worry triggers ‘stress hormones’ that elevate your heart… [...]

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