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    Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

    Why did you leave your last job is a common question job seekers get during interviews. There are a multitude of reasons as to why. Some of them are good… [...]

    Managing Up As a Way to Get What You Want

    Managing up as a way to get what you want is a great trick. I got my first glimpse of this technique when a former boss once spoke about management… [...]

    When Personal Trauma Affects Work

    When personal trauma affects work, things can go sideways fast. Traumatized employees have anaffected ability to learn, think, manage change, and relate to others. Your mental state and even attention… [...]

    How to Get Promoted

    How to get promoted isn’t difficult, but it does require a lot of pre-planning. Oftentimes, people will assume that bosses see each individual worker on their own merits, and approach… [...]

    When Leaders Need to Gracefully Exit

    When leaders need to gracefully exit is directly tied into their EQ. But more importantly, it really says more about their character. I recently worked with a leader diagnosed with… [...]

    Declining a Job Offer

    Declining a job offer is a tough thing, especially when you need a job and money NOW. However, sometimes, it is the right thing to do and not necessarily easy,… [...]

    Compensation Negotiations: Don’t leave money on the table

    Compensation negotiations are a funny and fickle thing. Most people spend more time researching and preparing for large purchases like cars and houses. But they spend less time on preparing… [...]

    Why is Everyone Quitting Their Job?

    Why is everyone quitting their job? The year 2021 wearily stepped out the door and a tentative 2022 entered. Workers have been eyeing this new year, wondering what it will… [...]

    Did You Bring ASS-itude to Work by Accident?

    ASS-itude is a term coined by a friend of mine and I liked it so much I thought it worthy of a blog post. There is nothing wrong with being… [...]

    Networking in the Time of COVID-19

    Here we go again! Networking in the time of COVID-19… We are in this really weird space in time when people are out looking for jobs but one of the… [...]