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Learn About People Analytics from Articles and New form World Over. World HR Federation brings to you carefully curated content for your life long learning…

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HR departments 'not trusted' to deal with bullying, finds study

Employees have little trust in Human Resources departments to deal fairly and effectively with workplace bullying, according to a new study published … [...]

Oswego Health announced the promotion of Dawn Smith to director of Springside, an independent senior retirement community located on 36 acres near … [...]

A Pregnant Woman Was Forced To Sit In A Meeting While In Labor, And Her Coworkers Are Now Blaming Her For Reporting The Boss

"I reiterated that I was in active labor and needed to go to the hospital immediately. John snapped back, 'It's just a meeting. Sit through it, and then you can go. It’s… [...]

White Passing: Black Michigan Man Received No Call Backs for Interview When Using His Real Name, But His Luck Reversed After Changing His Name to John Jebrowski, Lawsuit Claims

A 27-year-old Black man from Detroit has filed a discrimination lawsuit against one of the city’s upscale boutique hotels, claiming he was extended a … [...]

3 crucial tips for hiring and firing staff

Hiring and firing decisions can significantly impact your company’s culture and success. Balancing empathy and rationale as a founder during hiring and firing decisions is a critical skill, especially when scaling up… [...]

World-Class Organizations Drive Employee Fulfillment, Not Just Engagement

Hear from Greenhouse CPO Donald Knight on the transformative power of employee fulfillment, and learn what people leaders can do to harness it. [...]

SPD interim chief calls for hiring process changes as staffing woes continue

(The Center Square) – Interim Police Chief Sue Rahr informed members of the Seattle City Council of the department's continuing staffing woes, saying … [...]


13 Psychological Tricks The Smartest People Use To Gain Control Of Any Situation

Have you ever been talking to someone and, no matter how much you tried, you just weren't clicking with them? They just didn't seem to understand … [...]

"Once You Do This, It's Game Over" People Who Work 40 Hours A Week Are Sharing The Things They Avoid Doing When Keeping Their House Clean And Tidy

"Avoid that temptation." Let's be honest: Keeping a house clean with a job (sometimes multiple jobs) feels impossible to do. So when Reddit user u/--Anonymus-- asked: "How do people have… [...]

Report: Jets offered Haason Reddick a new deal before trade, but he declined

Some would call it spinning. Others would regard it as digging. A deeper hole. And that’s what the Jets seem to be doing. They traded for pass rusher … [...]

Adobe Adds New AI Tools to Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe today updated its Illustrator and Photoshop Creative Cloud apps, introducing a range of new features that streamline productivity. Many of the additions take advantage of generative AI and machine… [...]

Your Definition of Leadership Is Outdated — Here's How to Be a Better Leader in the Modern Workplace

In my nearly thirty years as a leader, I've focused on setting a clear vision and empowering my team to achieve our goals. We prioritize establishing shared objectives while allowing… [...]

Career Development

Why you should have a brag document

It’s your secret weapon for performance reviews and job interviews. A few jobs ago I was up for a raise. As part of the performance review process, my … [...]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Marketplace empire has a new challenger: a mysterious new social media site made just for Gen Z

Teddy Solomon knew he was onto something when he visited a Palo Alto shop to return his bike at the end of a school year at Stanford. Trying to make… [...]

Amazon reveals the most common mistakes people make in job interviews and how to avoid them

If anyone knows what they are talking about when it comes to handling job interviews, it's Amazon's top dogs. The multifunctional tech giant has … [...]

Worker 'Purposefully Tanked' A Job Interview When They Lowballed Him On Salary — 'I Told Them I'd Put In $X Worth Of Effort Instead'

When you're in the job search process and get lowballed on salary, most of us have one of a couple of responses — we politely push back and demand … [...]

Do Not Say This In Your Next Job Interview

Doing interviews for a job prospect can be nerve-wracking. You might have already spent hours tailor-fitting your resume and cover letter for this job, but you still need to seal… [...]

7 Steps To Speaking Like A Confident Communicator

7 Steps To Speaking Like A Confident CommunicatorNext Steps☎️If you have questions about your career, passions or talents, call the show at 844-747-2577 or e... [...]

They Cheated And Got The Job?

Join Ken Coleman, two-time national bestselling author, as he delivers practical advice to help you win in work at life. Do you feel stuck in your job? Do you dread… [...]

Success Articles

Meditate your way to a more successful work life

Meditation for mental health and meditation for your work-life work go hand in hand. Here's the meditation tips you need to know learn more and how to gain clarity. [...]

Follow these habits successful people use for a better life

It's time to get your life together and live a successful lifestyle. Plus more tips to improve your life. [...]