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7 books to read to give you a new perspective on the corporate world

Ready to get lost in a new book? Whether you’re looking for a boost of inspiration, some practical, outside-of-the-box tips on career success in 2023 … [...]

Lauren Boebert celebrates passage of her amendment banning support for LGBTQ+ federal employees

She said that her amendment to an agriculture funding bill will stop "Biden's rogue bureaucrats" from using "woke courses, books and study … [...]

Worker Says Her Boss Followed Her Around Town On Her Lunch Break Despite Being Able To Leave The Property — 'I Feel Uneasy'

A woman on Reddit posted about the odd behavior her boss had exhibited while she was out on her lunch break. After leaving Target and doing a little … [...]

How to make workplaces more inclusive for people with invisible disabilities

Employees with diabetes, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and other invisible disabilities should all be part of your DEI plan, says this HR leader, who is living with a developmental disability. The… [...]

Man arrested after allegedly bringing gun, hatchet to former workplace in Warrenville

A man was taken into custody after allegedly showing up to his former place of work with a gun and hatchet on Friday. [...]

75,000 health care workers are set to go on strike. Here are the 5 states that could be impacted.

More than 75,000 health care workers could go on strike within days if negotiators fail to reach agreement on a contract that expires Saturday at … [...]

SEC Delays Bitcoin Spot ETF Proposals Again Amid Looming Government Shutdown

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has postponed its decision on yet another four bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals, … [...]


Parents who raise kids with high emotional intelligence never use these 3 phrases: Harvard neuroscience expert

To raise more emotionally intelligent kids, parents need to speak to them in emotionally intelligent ways. As a Harvard-trained neuropsychologist, I … [...]

How to use ChatGPT to fully automate the book writing process

If you have a wealth of story ideas ready to write but you are finding it difficult to allocate time from your busy life to start the writing … [...]

Harvard Study Shows Us How To Invest In Happiness

“I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and I prefer rich,” my friend Jim Stovall told me. It’s just one of many things I learned from Jim. We co-authored a… [...]

The Secret to Productivity Is Pleasure, According to this Sex Expert

Author Emily Morse told GQ about her daily routine: meditation, workouts, and mindful masturbation. For “Routine Excellence,” GQ asks creative, successful people about the practices and habits that get them… [...]

How to Show Formulas in Excel

Effortlessly reveal Excel formulas and gain insights into your data like never before. Formulas are an integral part of any Excel spreadsheet. Using a … [...]

Career Development

McKinsey Just Dropped a Report On the 6 Employee Archetypes. Good News for Some Organizations, Terrible for Others

What type of (dis)engaged employee is on your team? In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee experience (EX) as a key driver of… [...]

A 38-year-old with $38,000 in student debt tells other generations, ‘I highly recommend finding a way to avoid taking out loans’

Millions of Americans must start repaying their federal student loans again in October, with monthly payments averaging hundreds of dollars a month. … [...]

Olivia Dunne wows in stunning ‘business Livvy’ outfit as LSU gymnast teases new career development

LOUSIANA State gymnast Olivia Dunne has found her way onto Forbes' Top Creators 2023 list. The LSU Tigers star, 20, wowed in a gorgeous fitted suit as … [...]

‘She Pivots’ With Laura Spaulding: Turning Crime Scene Clean Up Into a Multi-Million Dollar Franchise

Marie Claire Newsletter Celebrity news, beauty, fashion advice, and fascinating features, delivered straight to your inbox! Thank you for signing up to Marie Claire. You will receive a verification email… [...]

John Fetterman’s hoodie and gym shorts on the Senate floor are roiling DC, but a fashion historian says shorts have been getting under people’s skin for decades

When Sen. Chuck Schumer quietly relaxed the U.S. Senate’s dress code, supposedly to accommodate Sen. John Fetterman’s desire to wear hooded … [...]

College course on ‘soft skills’ spreads in eastern Montana

Until this fall, Terry High School junior Hatty Eaton hadn’t given a lot of thought to becoming a teacher. But when she completed a survey of her … [...]

Employers can use phrases in your resume to unfairly discriminate based on age—how to protect yourself against it

Age discrimination in hiring is an illegal yet pervasive practice. The law protects those above the age of 40 from employment discrimination. However, … [...]

Success Articles

Follow these habits successful people use for a better life

It's time to get your life together and live a successful lifestyle. Plus more tips to improve your life. [...]