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A ‘cowboy ski town’ where high earners can’t afford a home faces a housing battle

A pandemic-fueled real estate boom in mountain and resort locales is pricing out even high-income professionals and dividing communities over how to rein in housing costs. STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. — Despite offering… [...]

Austin ‘at the brink of disaster’ as police staffing shortages set city back over 15 years: ‘Policies epically failed’

Austin, Texas residents are expressing outrage over police staffing shortages and longer 911-call response times in the aftermath of the city … [...]

Investigation underway after international killed in workplace incident at Mount Wellington construction site

An investigation is underway after a man was killed in a workplace incident in Auckland’s Mount Wellington this morning. It’s understood the … [...]

My wife surprised her coworkers when she came out as trans. Then they surprised her.

She was ready for one reaction but was greeted with a beautiful response. Society, pay attention. This is important. My wife, Zoe, is transgender. She … [...]

'Office culture' as we know it is dead. Workers have other ideas

Companies are clawing to bring back pre-pandemic perks and that 'family' feeling – but employees want something more tangible. Many employers are calling employees back into offices, trying to restore the workplace… [...]

One of my coworkers is stealing money out of purses and my boss won’t do anything

More: I ruined my professional reputation and I don’t know how to regain anyone’s trust There’s a thief in our office who’s stealing money out of … [...]

This ancient scripture reminds us to be nonattached at work

Desire is inherently problematic, according to the Bhagavad Gita. By reducing desire, one can perform work or act without the constant distraction of seeking praise or avoiding blame. A 2023 Gallup poll… [...]


We ranked the quickest cars of the decade

These vehicles go 0 to 100 real quick. Plus more car rankings and buying guides for you. [...]

Why Is No One Talking About These 7 Gadgets That Are Ideal For Home And Office

Some gadgets quietly revolutionize our daily lives without much fanfare. These gadgets are simple but instrumental in helping us have an organized … [...]

This is how – and why – you should delete your personal info from the internet

Keeping your personal information under wraps online doesn’t have to be a chore – think of it as a personal mission to outsmart the internet’s nosy parkers. With some savvy… [...]

This ancient scripture reminds us to be nonattached at work

Desire is inherently problematic, according to the Bhagavad Gita. By reducing desire, one can perform work or act without the constant distraction of seeking praise or avoiding blame. A 2023… [...]

A Once-in-a-Generation Investment Opportunity: 1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth Stock to Buy Now and Hold Forever

AI could have the most profound impact on technology adoption since the dawn of the internet. One company has pivoted to embrace this shift. Let's cut … [...]

Career Development

Dakota Johnson’s take on her ‘Madame Web’ castmates sums up the Gen Z vs. millennial divide in the workplace: ‘I love them … and they annoy me’

It turns out generational differences aren’t just being noted in the corporate world, it’s happening in Tinseltown as well. At least, that’s if you … [...]

3 Pieces of Information You Should Never Share in a Job Interview and What to Say Instead, From a Recruiting Manager

Here's what not to say — and what to mention instead. I've been in recruiting for nearly 10 years and a hiring manager for even longer, working in education, non-profits,… [...]

Will Taylor Swift Appear on Beyonce's Country Album?

Both Swifties and the BeyHive have a knack for finding clues about future career developments for Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Amid Beyonce's run atop … [...]

Vice execs abruptly lay off workers, end town hall after downpour of thumbs-down emojis

In a modern twist on throwing tomatoes at a performer onstage, Vice employees showed up to a town hall and voiced their disapproval of executives … [...]

Survey Finds Most Common Red Flags During Job Interviews

Nearly 40 percent of U.S. employees say they have had a negative experience. Job hunting can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, so it … [...]

Gen Z and millennials proudly wear ‘lab-grown’ diamonds, oblivious to the fact they’re made from burning coal in China and India

The muted sounds of hammering and sanding drift down to the first floor of Bario Neal, a jewelry store in Philadelphia, where rustic artwork that … [...]

The 13 Things You Should Never Do In a Job Interview

Landing a top job is never easy - and sometimes, you can be your own worst enemy. Here are some things you should avoid. If you want to secure any… [...]

Success Articles

The one skill that the most successful people have in common

What is the most valuable skill you need to succeed? Plus more entrepreneurial tips to follow. [...]

These are the things millionaire entrepreneurs are doing better than you

Learn from the best. Plus more entrepreneurial tips that will grow your career. [...]

The one life lesson you should take from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' words still resonate more than a decade after his death. Plus more career tips. [...]

The invisible skill the world's most successful people have

And how to get it. Plus more changes to improve your results, and lessons from the top. [...]

Follow these habits successful people use for a better life

It's time to get your life together and live a successful lifestyle. Plus more tips to improve your life. [...]